About AMPK

AMPK is a legally registered Microfinance Professional membership organization, started in June 2008 and which operates under Section 10 of the Societies Act. The society’s main objective is to initiate and create an extensive networking forum for the microfinance Professionals, create a sector linkage and watch dog for the MF industry and to develop a mentorship programme for the young people who would want to pursue a career in the Microfinance Sector. The society will also strive to spearhead financial education/literacy for the low-income majority Kenyans and endeavor to create high professional standards and advocate for Microfinance Best practice.

Our members range from Microfinance individual Professionals, Business Development providers, Institutions of Higher Learning, individual employees of Microfinance Institutions, Micro pension/Savings/insurance service providers and Academicians. The institution will strive to mentor and train practicing microfinance Professionals as well brief members on new developments in the microfinance sector through the AMPK magazine, publications, AMPK website, email alerts as well as occasional events.


Our Vision
To be the microfinance professional authority of choice, setting and maintaining world class standards for microfinance in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

Our Mission
To provide networking opportunity for individual microfinance professionals and disseminate financial education to all Kenyans as well as act as a microfinance industry watchdog.


Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism


The Microfinance Professional Body seeks to:

  1. Initiate and create an extensive networking forum for its members.
  2. Act as the microfinance industry watchdog
  3. Work together with its members, the government, and other stakeholders in developing a certification process for microfinance professionals.
  4. Develop and offer a mentorship program for students who want to pursue a career in microfinance.
  5. Endeavour to create high microfinance professional standards and advocate for 'Microfinance Best' practice.
  6. Provide financial education (FE) for microfinance clients and the public.
  7. Work with the government and other stakeholders within the financial sector to provide financial education to the public.
  8. Develop a full-fledged institute of microfinance.