AMPK Membership

A one off membership fee entitles you to be a member of AMPK until you resign or are expelled. Annual subscriptions including for the year you join are additionally paid. Members who have not renewed their subscriptions will be denied certain rights and services until they make good their payments e.g. Rights to vote, right to office, membership cards but will remain members and bound by AMPK code of professional conduct and ethics.


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Categories of Membership
Membership shall fall into the following five categories:

  1. Full Membership
  2. Fellowship
  3. Student Membership

Full Membership
It is open to all individual microfinance Professionals having serious and professional interest in Microfinance whether business or academic and where Microfinance forms a fundamental and intrinsic part of their life.


  • Experience in recognized Microfinance practice.
  • Employees of reputable Microfinance Institutions
  • Microfinance Consultants and BDS Service providers
  • Students pursuing a Diploma or Degree in Microfinance in a reputable learning institution.
  • Employees of CBK, Ministry of Finance and/or any government appointed regulators who are directly working in the Microfinance sector.
  • Individuals having an established academic interest in Microfinance, or who have qualified under such examination as may be provided for by the Board and approved by the General Meeting
  • Diplomatic personnel performing at their missions work of microfinance orientation



Registration Fees

  • Professionals Kshs 3,000
  • Students Kshs 1,000

Annual subscription

  • Professionals kshs 2,000
  • Students kshs 500


Student Members
This cadre of membership is open to Microfinance students at University or recognized Institutions of higher learning.


AMPK Fellow
This grade shall be applicable to persons who:

  • Have attained prominent positions in Microfinance field.
  • Immensely contributed towards the advancement of knowledge principles and practice in Microfinance.
  • Actively been participating in the activities of the Society/ Association.
  • Members of AMPK continuously for 10 years.
  • Served AMPK voluntarily in some capacity.



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