The professional body seeks to promote Microfinance excellence and high integrity among it’s members and the wider microfinance sector as well as create an extensive network of individual microfinance professionals in Kenya and throughout

the world. We intend to create a one stop shop for up to date information on the current happenings in the Microfinance Industry as we continue to open our doors for collaborations, partnerships and networking opportunities with key players in the industry.


We seek to add value to our members by:

  1. Initiating and creating an extensive networking forum for our members.
  2. Acting as the Microfinance professional Watch dog
  3. Working together with our members, the government and other stakeholders in developing a certification process for the Microfinance Profession.
  4. Developing and offering a mentorship program for the young people and students who would want to pursue a career in Microfinance.
  5. Creating high professional standards and advocating for Microfinance Best practice.
  6. Developing and implementing a strict code of Ethics for our members
  7. Helping in the provision of financial Education (FE) for Microfinance clients and the public.
  8. Advocating for Microfinance professional development by establishing a fully-fledged Microfinance institute.


Benefits of Being a Member

  1. You will be able to network with other Microfinance Professionals
  2. You will easily keep up to date with best practice and current issues
  3. By interacting with other members and through the services provided by the association, you will be able to further your professional development
  4. The association gives you opportunities to participate in professional discussions
  5. By being a member, you automatically become part of a microfinance professional team
  6. You will get the chance to influence the development of Microfinance profession in Kenya and in the region

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